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Some of Our Projects

Some of Our Projects

Some of Our Projects

Some of Our Projects

Mobile & Desktop Apps Development

We provide your unique business model not only a website but a complete online system that helps you flourish


The first and most basic element of design is that of the line. In drawing, a line is the stroke of the pen or pencil but in graphic design, it’s any two connected points.


Color is one of the most obvious elements of design, for both the user and the designer. It can stand alone, as a background, or be applied to other elements, like lines, shapes, textures or typography.


Shapes, geometric or organic, add interest. Shapes are defined by boundaries, such as a lines or color, and they are often used to emphasize a portion of the page. Everything is ultimately a shape.


Negative space is one of the most commonly underutilized and misunderstood aspects of designing for the page. The parts of the site that are left blank, whether that’s white or some other color, help to create an overall image.


Playing with the scale and size of your objects, shapes, type and other elements add interest and emphasis. How boring would a symmetrical website with all similarly sized ingredients be? Very.

Clients &

.Net Web Development

We have expert .NET developers who create quality user-experiences for our client’s businesses.

Spectacular Designs

The award speaks for the expertise
of our designing team. We deliver quality!

Best iOS App Award

Recognition in the field of iOS development because we develop high quality apps.

PHP Web Development

Making a mark in PHP development, our web developer was awarded
with the PHP Development Award.

RECENT Mobile & Desktop Apps Development PROJECTS

ArtMetal App
Construction Direct Et
ArtMetal Desktop App


We incorporate our Years of Experience into Your Business Model and Make it the Perfect Representation of Your Brand, helping you Increase Your Revenues

Increase in Conversion

Client Revenue Increase

Increase in Clientele

Repeating Customers

Client Referrals

Mobile & Desktop Apps Development

Android app Development

Our Android application developers have years of experience in the mobile application development space. They are well conversant with Android Software Development Kit (SDK), OpenGL, 3D graphics, Android Media APIs, Location–based Service APIs, Wi–Fi APIs. And, also Android Security Architecture and other technologies required to build best in class Android apps

Android app Development

Desktop app Development

We closely work with our clients to develop powerful, feature-rich Desktop applications with eye catching interfaces. Team Fractals has highly experienced and talented developers who know what it takes to create unique and unmatchable Desktop applications that can click with users to gain the much needed productivity.

Desktop app Development

Mobile & Desktop Apps Development Process - Development

Our time-honored principals are being high quality, Focused, original, timely, relevant, attractive, efficient, engaging, value-adding, sharable, accessible, Reciprocal.

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Design & Prototype

Design & Prototype

The success & strength of a game lies in its creative plot. We’ve experienced game strategists who ensure that your game is highly addictive

Game Development


With great real gaming effects & highly efficient player history management, we make sure that you get highest quality standards

Game QA Testing

Game QA

We’ve one of the largest quality assurance team in the industry. With experts from across the globe, we meet quality standards like no one

Launch the Game

Launch the

After in-depth quality check, the game app is finalized and launched with a bang. This is to make its first step in the market a strong one

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